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One rock makes many ripples in the water, and your one act of service does the same! Crosspoint is about Inwardly people knowing Christ, Upwardly growing in Christ, but Outwardly going for Christ!

We are not to be a stadium for spectators, but rather a place where people are in the game...we call it having skin in the game! Our desire is that you will not just be at Crosspoint, but be a part of Crosspoint; actively serving this community! 

Below you will find areas in which you can actively participate to make a difference in the

Kingdom of God!


Statistics tell us, that people decide within the first 2 minutes if they are going to come back to church! How can this be? No music, no sermon...nope, just operations! This is one of the most important ministries in the church. Parking, Greeting, Security, Hospitality is where it is at! Interested?

Contact Daniel Hudson, our Operations Coordinator, at


If ever there has ever been a need for help in this area, it is NOW! Children are not the church of tomorrow, rather they are the church of today! Our children are bombarded with things that many of us could not even imagine; however, we know there is hope! Imagine making an impact on a child.This isn't an easy ministry, yet we feel it is one of the most influential and critical in our church today. Would you consider serving in our Nursery or Kids Ministry?

Contact Kaylie Bufano, our Kids Coordinator, at


Want To Serve?

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