The Christian Counseling Ministry (CCM) is an approved ministry of Crosspoint Church and operates under the values and beliefs of the church.  It is staffed by volunteers who are deemed by the church leadership to be mature Christians and committed members/regular attenders of the church, who volunteer to work with people who are struggling with personal problems.


It is the purpose of the Christian Counseling Ministry of Crosspoint Church to support people who are suffering with personal problems.


The Christian Counseling Ministry of Crosspoint Church (CCM) is a spiritual ministry that supports people struggling with personal problems through three basic activities:

1) active listening

2) application of God's Word to the problems of daily life

3) intercessory prayer


It is the church's belief that most people can find healing, and personal and spiritual growth through engagement in these three activities


Nothing said in the counseling session can be repeated outside of the session.  Confidentiality is the bed rock of any counseling ministry.  


CCM counselors are under obligation of law to report child or elder abuse, and may have a “duty to warn” if a participant disclosed a plan to harm another.  All participant disclosures involving these concerns will be immediately reported to the director.

The Christian Counseling Ministry of Crosspoint Church IS NOT a mental health counseling service.

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Crosspoint Church and Pastor Todd are endorsed by, and affiliated with, NAMB and Send Network. 

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